Football, Real Love, and Same-Sex “Marriage”

February 11, 2013

Football and Same-Sex "marriage"

Today, there is so much confusion about the Nature and Dignity of Marriage. This should not be surprising considering the number of marriages that end in divorce. Marriage involves persons and human personhood is involves sex, namely, being male or female. To be capable of marriage, the couple must have the potential for sexual union... the potential to have children. Think of it like this: To re-define the game of football or soccer simply because we might feel bad for those who can't make the team is irrational and a tremendous disservice to the good of the game. For the government to redefine marriage, they would have to eliminate the potential to bear children from the definition of marriage. This is hard to comprehend since marriage is ordered toward the perpetuation and stabilization of society and since the government is supposed to enact laws which benefit society.

The law already treats everyone equality. The law treats all people the same, BUT it doesn't treat all behaviors the same. Same sex "marriage" is not akin to racial discrimination because race is NOT a behavior; same-sex "marriage" is a behavior. Natural Marriage and same-sex "marriage" are two different behaviors with two different outcomes, therefore the law rightfully treats them differently. This is not discrimination. Only the union of one man and one woman should be promoted by the government because it ALONE perpetuates and stabilizes a civilized society. That's not bigotry, that's backed up by theology, sociology, psychology, biology, physiology, and history.

So what to do? Thank God! In heaven, there won't be anyone that struggles with same-sex attraction, bi-sexual, or transgender disorders. Yes, many say God made them that way. This would mean that God made a mistake correlating the physical body with a person psychologically and emotionally. If God made people homosexual, then their reproductive system makes no sense. God did not give people homosexual tendencies. They may have been born this way, but ultimately it is still a result of original sin. Therefore, it is a tremendous cross to carry in one's life on Earth. In heaven, all will be healed and restored to order. There won't be anyone that struggles with drug or alcohol or porn addictions in heaven. Our passions will be ordered perfectly in truth. The body and souls will be in perfect harmony. If there is homosexual tendencies in heaven, this would mean God choose to give people's minds which purposefully disagree with their bodies. This would not make any sense.

While we are on earth, there will be struggles and trials which we will face every day. We must be compassionate, loving, and truthful. Telling someone that they can play on the team when they don't have the talent to play the game is dishonest. Today, we are afraid to hurt peoples feelings. We compromise the truth and struggle to separate feelings from decision making. If parents allowed feelings to dictate how they discipline their children daily, they would not be good parents.  We are oversensitive, emasculated, and proud. Children need strong loving fathers. Men need to start being men. Marshmallow love gets people no where. We care more about peoples feelings then about their eternal salvation. Jesus was killed for telling the truth and there will always be a part of us that resists the truth. We don't always want to hear it. It's challenging! BUT, we must not stop striving to live the gospel. We must allow ourselves to be uncomfortable lest we start decide what's right and wrong for us and lose our souls forever!

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