December 24, 2012



It has been my experience that disagreement with or argument with the Catholic Church's moral teachings is often based on the premise that self-mastery and self-discipline are only optional requirements for the attaining true happiness. The Catholic Church challenges human beings to reach their fullest potential. If we receive the Church's teaching as merely an invitation to exert more will power, then we will receive the Church's teaching as another list of burdensome rules. The Church's high moral standard brings humanity to her knees in prayer. The Church proclaims a call to relationship with God who is our power and strength. Listening to or trying to live the Church's teaching without a relationship with God is analogous to pushing a car without gasoline. This is why so many are angered by the Church's teaching or feel judged by the Church. Then, there are many who will begin to argue that there's no objective truth or rule or guide by which our moral choices or passions need to be ordered. You can do what you 'feel' like. This is silly, immature, and the cause of so much hopelessness and heartache.  No wonder people are bored! They refuse to embrace the Gospel challenge. They will say, "Life should be comfortable..easy..fun." Honestly, a lot of people that proclaim the Gospel of Fun are heading toward Hell having Fun.

It is a contradiction to think there is NO OBJECTIVE TRUTH. Sin is the ultimate empowerment of the 'I' to make one's own set of rules or standards to live by. 'I' am the absolute arbiter of MY LIFE. It's MY BODY, I'll do what I want to...  'I' become the "god". 'I' decide what 'I' think or what 'I' feel is truth or a lie. 'I' decide what 'I' think is good or evil. Rather than using my intellect to discover the splendor of God's truth, I instead use my intellect to redefine and determine what 'I' thing is truth or not. Rather than bow to God's moral standard, allowing God to call me to my fullest potential, 'I' write my own moral code or standard to live by. In essence, 'I' have eliminated any need for me to resistance my unruly fleshly desires. 'I've' just given myself permission to be selfish!'I've' eliminated the spiritual war against sin and rather I've simply given in to sin. Isn't that so much easier. 'I'll' never be judged again; at least until I stand before God. Such a person is in the darkness. They are lost and must be found in order to be saved. They must find themselves in the light of truth as a sinner.  They've decided that there is no sin because they've become the governing standard. This demonic pride and disobedience is the spirit of the anti-Christ. Such a person has no need of a savior. Many will begin their list of Buts... But what about this and what about that.... for me to justify my but would eliminate the need for a savior at Christmas. There are no but's. we are all guilty of breaking God's law period. We are guilty and according to justice we are due eternal punishment!

Current cultual trends even deny the most fundamental of the truth when human life begins in order to justify sexual immorality. It is a woman's right to dismember her baby. As if we should be proud to dismember a baby and keep the woman safe?  I was praying in front of planned parenthood this wednesday and their having a Christmas party? Very confusing! It is very clear when human life begins. Once human life is present there is only one choice to make. We must care for the develoment of that human life. Destroying human life at any stage of development violates human rights and dignity.

Another issue today of which biology is resoundingly clear is that only a man and woman are sexually complentary for the obvious reason of bearing children. In principle, only a man and a woman can have a baby. In principle, two men or two women can never have a baby. They are reproductively incompatible. The acting out of Homosexual actions contradicts the very science of biology and our faith. Many people today are going toward Hell on their but's! Many people want to live the Gospel of being NICE and TOLERANT -- anything goes! We cannot tolerate things that degrade and destroy the dignity of the human person. All of our struggles with sin find their origin in the refusal to master or discipline and order our passions to the service of authentic love. Its hard work. Look at the cross.  You may want to do X but what will X do to you? Will it allow Jesus to be born?

Think about this:

Which parent will a child choose? PARENT A.) allows the children to make their own rules... Goto bed when they want... Eat what they want... Play video games when they want... PARENT B.)  enforces a set of rules...discipline and virtue... its time for bed... its time to clean your room... do your homework... You can play after you do...

It's obvious that children will choose the easier path because they do not see the value and necessity that the work of self-mastery and discipline have in their pursuit of authentic happiness and authentic love! In their pursuit of becoming a saint...of going to Heaven! Just as a child despises, at times, a parent that enforces rules of discipline and self-mastery, so we to can at times despise mother Church for being a good mother. Children cannot see clear enough to understand the necessity of these deeper more formative qualities of self-mastery and self-discipline. They don't connect a lifelong happiness with learning to master one's passions. Therefore, God gave us the Church to help us as our Mother. Which of the Church's teachings do you reject?

America has chosen a president that doesn't enforce any sense of morality... he now welcomes gay "marriage"... promotes the killing of unborn babies in the name of sexual freedom and woman's rights... He attacks our religious liberty telling us we must pay for sterilization and contraception (some of which cause abortions). No moral compass means your lost at the whim of social trends... Like a bunch of undisciplined children running around selfishly destroying themselves! A society that kills it's own in the name of sexual freedom is a sick society. A society that calls the surgical dismemberment of babies health care is sick. A society that is led by such a men and women as authority figures will definitely fall unless we have a change of heart. Our Lady asks us to pray and fast. What are you doing to fight this spiritual war? Do you go to mass and confession? Do you visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Do you pray the rosary and divine mercy chaplet? Where are you soldier?

The number of the beast is 666. This number 6 three times denotes an extreme absolute. When a number is used 3 times in the bible it means the perfection of. The number 6 in the bible denotes imperfection and the number 7 is perfection. The number 6 three times denotes the perfection of imperfection.  This is satan!Such a person adamantly unwilling to enter into the 7th day and rest with God. To enter into the 7th day is to place oneself under the sovereignty of God! Resting under God's moral code and design for humanity... Male and female he made them...

He gave them freedom to choose whom they will serve: themselves or God! Whom do you serve? Do you accept the Church's teaching in faith or do you reject the Church's teaching because you think you know better? Have you made yourself into God? Hell is a place for those whom choose to make up their own rules... Jesus says, "The road the leads to destruction is wide and many choose it. The road that leads to life is narrow and few find it." Everyone today thinks you can live how you want and somehow God, being a nice guy, will just wave you on into heaven. This lie of satan has intoxicated our culture. If you do not pray, you will die spiritually. Today, there are many that don't even know there's a spiritual war raging. Why is this? It's because they've checked out of the war. They stopped praying. They've stopped confessing. They've stopped going to mass. The darkness has covered and darkened their minds. They've slowly become enemies of the cross and champions of pleasure. Those who despise God's design because God calls us to love. God calls us to die to selfishness. I set before you life or death! God help us to choose life... Help us to allow your Church, our Mother, to discipline us! Come Holy Spirit and make us fit for heaven!

Remember, you'll never make the team if you don't show up to training camp. Our time on earth is training for the moment of death. If you get too used to the darkness, like a bat, you will flee into the darkness when the Light appears at the hour of your death. Bat's hate the light. If you don't get used to the light now, which is what the purification process is all about, you will choose the darkness at the moment of death. You won't want to enter into the light because it will be too brilliant and you will condemn yourself to hell. Without the light of Christ, we are condemned. We cannot see bear seeing our sins apart from Christ. This is why we must begin NOW to allow Christ in.

Those who make their own moral code will eventually despair and find their life meaningless because they have eliminated the necessary challenges of self-discipline and self-mastery which are necessary for authentic love to be lived. What is authentic love? We look to the crucifix and mediate on Jesus selflessness. Freedom is important if we are going to love. If you cannot say no to your passions then you are not free. You are a slave. You are in bondage. Christ came to set us free for freedom sake. If you cannot say no to food, drink, or sexual desires, then you are a slave to your passions. You are a sinner. Acknowledging this truth is very important. I am a sinner and I need a savior. Come Lord Jesus! Love is not a compulsion. Love is a choice to give oneself to another or not. I always tell the couple's which I prepare for marriage, "If you can't say no to sex then you can't love one another. You will use one another." Why? Because you must be free in order to love and you're not free if your a slave to your passions. Do you see why it is so important to receive grace. We must allow God's grace to soak into our human nature and perfect us in love. Go to confession frequently and pray everyday. Without God's grace life on Earth will inevitable become more and more about me, me, me!

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